Aircondition-Unlimited mileage-Theft insurance-Airport Parking - No Excess

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  • VAT Included -1200cc: Include

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  • Paphos AIrport
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  • Paphos Airport
  • Paphos Area (Hotels,Villa Houses,Apartments)

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Local Charges
This section shows charges that you’ll pay at the counter because of (a) where you're picking your car up, (b) who's driving, and (c) where you go during your rental. It doesn’t show other over-the-counter costs, such as charges for fuel, child seats or additional services.

You are responsible for any charges and fines, including tolls, congestion charges, speeding tickets and parking or traffic fines.

Additional drivers
The main driver (the person named on the booking) must be present when you pick the car up, and must be the one who pays anything charged at the counter. There may be a daily fee for additional drivers. The rental terms, including age-related restrictions and fees, apply to any additional drivers.

An additional driver fee will apply for any additional driver: €4.50 per day, including tax.

NOT Include In The Price 

The Car NO Off Road 

THe Car Not to the North terretory Area

Roadside assistance
You may have to pay extra for any emergency roadside assistance that your rental company provides. When you pick your car up, please make sure you find out where the relevant paperwork is kept. In most cases, it’ll be in the glove box or attached to the sun visor.

If you have a flat tyre with physical way , the insurance cover the damage!

If under examination the tyre get flat by stones or off road way ! Then you have to repair by yourself !